What is iRainwave Player?

The iRainwave Player app for iOS creates a native experience for the website while adding features and functionality that the website cannot provide. 

Unique Features:

  • Automatic voting for a hands off listening experience
  • Now Playing artwork and information over Bluetooth/CarPlay
  • Request queue refill notifications
  • Unrated songs notifications to help curate your profile
  • Siri integration, try 'Hey Siri, play station OC Remix on rainwave'
  • Shorcuts and Automation integration

Where can I get the iRainwave Player app?

The app is available in the iOS App Store and can be viewed here

What is

Rainwave ( is an interactive radio website that allows users to request, rate, and vote for songs in real time. The site hosts five separate radio streams and focuses completely on video game music.

How do I do 'x' in the iRainwave Player?

Visit the Help Page I have for the iRainwave Player for usage information and tips!

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